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Websites for Kids – Women’s History by and for Kids

(Note: The Internet is a dynamic place and web sites can come and go quite quickly. This is one of my older articles and some of the links may not work anymore. If you find that this is the case I invite you to look at some of my more recent articles. My links section has my favorite links from past articles and is checked regularly for non working links. Wayne)

As part of Suite 101 celebration of Women’s History month I have decided this week to focus on sites that spotlight famous women throughout history that might be of interest to kids. There have been so many famous women throughout history that my choices are totally arbitrary and I apologize if I left out your favorite famous woman.

The first site is a poem about Joan of Arc written by Jessica Foster that I found on kidpub.org. kidpub.org is a site that publishes kids stories and poems on the Internet. I’d also like to point you to a painting by Paul Delaroche titled Joan of Arc in prison.

I came across a report on Marie Curie, the famous scientist, in a collection of that was written as part of a 1997 Summer School Internet Research and Programming course. If you’re interested in other famous women in the maths and sciences, drop by Women Mathematicians at Agnes Scott College or Suite 101′s own Women in Science.

Florence Nightingale is another famous woman I have decided to feature. You can find out even more about her at the Florence Nightingale Museum Web site.

The British monarchy has produced some famous women over the centuries and you can find most of them at their web site. From Mary I, the first reigning Queen, through Queen Victoria, up to the present day, you can look at pictures and read their histories.

I have one more famous woman before I go. This site is a little different; it’s a grammar exercise about the funeral of Mother Teresa. It may sound a bit ghoulish but it’s not.

That’s it for my quick look at famous women. If you have more to add, why not start a discussion at the bottom of the page? Don’t miss the Women’s History month at Suite 101 page which will direct you to other editors who are doing articles on the Women’s History month theme.

If you’re a first time visitor, don’t neglect browsing through some of my other past articles. Be sure to come back next Tuesday. Bye for now.

Vedic Astrology – An Ancient Wisdom

Vedic Astrology: Is your Money Karma Bad?

Vedic astrology is among the customs from India that has been existent for 5 decades or more. It is also composed of medication such as mantra, astanga, kundalini, hatha and yoga. Yatra and ayurvedan healing is also present since it deals with the science that goes within centuries. It is usually used to heal the whole body including the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual aspect of a person. The trouble with this popular method is it has been primarily replicated by the western astrologers but they usually deal with it wrongfully. Although, there are some precise parts of the vigor, there is no much force to the process they do because they are not specifically train for that.

Customarily, a Vedic astrologer attends to the physical needs of the people through the process called ayurveda. This way, they can discuss with their clients about their physical and health apprehensions. Similarly, ayurvedic students who are interested in studying about Vedic astrology will be able to learn and understand about the potential timing or the beginning of the treatments with the patients.

Not like with other famous studies concerning astrology, astrologers deals with the people on how to understand what lie beneath the emotional and personal aspect of limitations within a person. It also helps you understand karmic together with the domestic impressions which moves within the unconscious mind.

Vedic Astrology (Nadi): Not of Human Orgin
Vedic Astrology

On the other hand, lower than the unaware level lie a deeper stage where it is called Sanskrit. It is also known as the Purusha of the human consciousness. In here, a person usually experiences a liberal expression. This Vedic astrology is very helpful to those which are the central concern in life because all worries in life starts within this point. Through simple understanding the connections involving the chakras together with the planets, in here, people will be able to see where the energy is flowing or not. This process of healing is very efficient and reliable to those who believe they will be healed.

According to an expert, it is within the stage of vigorous curing that this astrology facilitates you understand the true you and the dharma or the purpose and communications with the Goddesses. Further than any insights or separation that hinders you from considering your godly gifts and your blessing that connects you with your strength, lays your true spiritual probabilities regarding life.

Vedic Astrology – What is it good for?

Our lives are portions of the greater one life that sustains and supports all of creation. The processes of the totality of this undivided consciousness are reflected in our bodies, minds, and life situations. In this way, the rising waves of energy in the universe at the specific time, date and location of our birth imprint our consciousness, creating the filter through which the soul has to interact with the world. The planets within our solar system serve as conduits for the universal intelligence, which shape the form of our life karma and trigger events at the appropriate times.

By examining the position and interactions of the planets at birth an astrologer gains insight into the nature of the person. The planetary forces shown in the birth chart manifest their qualities within the individual in question. The combinations of planetary influences within each of us can be likened to a chemical structure. Just as some chemicals are stable, unstable, pleasant, unpleasant, useful or seemingly inert, so are people. It can also be said that the birth of all things, whether location or object, are influenced in the same way.

To take this idea a step further you can imagine that some chemicals react well together giving a pleasant product, while others can be violent or explosive. Astrological information also gives insight into the interactions of a person in relationship to others and the environment. This explains why you can put two people into the same situation or relationship and one thrives while the other withers.

Many people go through life without any real success to show for their endeavors. The main reason for this state of affairs arises from lack of Self-knowledge, both relative and absolute. The science of Vedic astrology, passed down from the Indian sages of the far East, treats this very problem. As a sister science developed along side the system of Yoga, Vedic astrology provides a map that describes the terrain in which the soul functions while incarnated. If you know the terrain, it makes navigation easier.

Vedic astrology can reveal time lines that are conducive to certain actions, thereby supporting those actions. Many people do not have proper guidance in this regard and so try to achieve various goals at the wrong time, or do not have the patience to take advantage of the proper circumstances that would contribute to success. Imagine a farmer who plants seed for a summer crop in the winter. He had the proper items for success, a fertile field and healthy seed, but his timing was off. Similarly we are not meant to struggle against the currents of life, we are meant to ride the waves as they come and navigate the waters with poise and skill. The key is knowledge of who we are and what tools are at our command. Vedic astrology provides such knowledge.

Note that Vedic astrology is not meant to be a fatalistic system. If the chart shows a weakness in a certain area, that does not necessarily indicate certain failure. It may indicate an area that needs developed. If a boy wants to be an athlete but has never lifted a weight or done any kind of cardiovascular exercise, he may try out for the football team and be broken in both body and spirit after the encounter. However, if he was self honest and realistic, he might come to the conclusion he needs to prepare his body first. This is a simplistic analogy, but if you think about it, many people are not that self honest about their ability and skills. The astrologer, as a more objective reference, can bring to light areas that need strengthened as well as encourage the use of unkown strengths indicated in the chart to make success a greater possibility. It is not magic, simply observation and stating the truth of what is observed.

As mentioned earlier, Vedic astrology is a system linked to Yoga. Remember that Yoga proper is not about twisting your body into a knot. It is about realizing our infinite consciousness, which encompasses and IS who we are at the simplest level. As incarnated beings in this world, we have functions to perform and duties to fulfill. Living a full life, expressing your innate talents, while accepting the support of the universe is part of Yoga practice. Vedic astrology and Yoga synergistically support each other. As we develop clarity of awareness through Yoga in regards to our true Self it is much easier to achieve our goals, and the greater skill we have in achieving our goals by tapping the resources revealed in Vedic astrology, the easier it will be to acknowledge the oneness of spirit. By merging the knowledge generated by these two sciences our absolute and relative purposes are realized.

The Astrologer’s Role

The Vedic astrologer is a guide whose highest calling is to encourage the fulfillment of the four goals of life as presented in the Yogic tradition: dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. Dharma is our individual purpose in life. It is making the most of the skills we have to serve the highest good. Artha is our ability to work in harmony with the whole, thereby assuring our financial resources are always provided. Kama is the realization of our desire and enjoyment. The happiness of Kama comes when our actions are in accord with our basic mind/body constituion and our wholesome karmas are fulfilled. Moksha means spiritual liberation. This is the realization that releases us from attachment to all that we are not (thoughts, moods, people, places, things, ideas, concepts, etc.) and settles us in realization of what we are—immortal beings beyond space and time.

By analyzing the planetary forces manifesting within the natal chart and the ongoing rotation of the heavenly bodies through the solar system, the astrologer can give an accurate report to prevent the suffering and encourage the enjoyment of living. When we know what to expect, it makes it much easier to act appropriately. And so, the astrologer can provide insight into relationships, career, family harmony, spiritual practices, supportive natural health regimens, and many other areas of life.

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